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TURYAM are investing in renewable energy in Turkey “Mediterranean Region Industrial Waste Disposal and Recycling Facility”, the Ministry of Environment and Forests and the date ………… …… .. No. “…….” In the document. Turyam Waste Management Transport Logistics Electricity Generation Inc. was established in 2014 in Tarsus, Mersin.


The priority of the Turyam is to recycle / recycle waste or generate energy from waste. In the case of safe and controlled waste management, when there are no other applicable options, the last method to be preferred is regular storage. Turyam aims to minimize the amount of waste to be stored regularly and believes that sustainable waste and resource management should be based on the most effective, proven and innovative technologies. Turyam offers controlled landfill as a last resort for the types of waste that cannot be recycled and recycled.


In addition to the existing recycling and disposal facilities of Turyam, metal recovery and contaminated packaging recycling facilities were put into operation. In addition, the sludge drying investment was completed. Turyam continues to invest heavily in pyrolysis-based waste-to-energy generation facilities and is working on new business development projects in line with the expectations of industrial customers.


In addition to its integrated waste management methods, Turyam also provides its customers with A to Z service and operational excellence by providing planned waste logistics services. Turyam guarantees reliable and sustainable integrated solutions, helping to protect the environment and prevent all kinds of pollution.