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Taking measures against all environmental pollution that may arise from the activities of our companies is one of our most important priorities and targets,

For this purpose; In addition to dust and odor problems, our ventilation and filtration system is active and operational for 24 hours in all our facilities. In addition to our dust extraction and deodorizing systems for our air emission from our Bumerang plant, an aqueous washing system has been added to the system.

Our waste water resulting from our facility, Turkey’s No. facility is located between about 2000 and are treated in the company’s waste treatment company that performs purification of the waters of our bee hive business.


Our Environmental Policy

It always prioritizes human health, technical safety and environment and carries out sustainable solutions in line with this principle. It has adopted Occupational Health and Safety as an integral part of its activities beyond legal requirements.

Our aim; From the procurement of waste to the production and disposal process, from the procurement of waste to health and safety, environmental and quality management awareness, to avoid damage to the environment, to prevent injury and loss of life during all activities, to provide a clean working environment and to use natural resources efficiently (electricity, water, natural gas, fuel etc.), to work with the principle of zero pollution.

While taking this philosophy into practice, we take our power with full participation from our employees and management levels.

All our work in our companies; human health, technical safety and environmental factors are kept in the forefront and these principles are carried out with sustainable solutions.

Our quality policy
Our companies aim to provide quality with the highest possible standards in all of our units through sustainable methods in all of their processes,

With the ISO 9001 quality management system taken from Breau Veritas, it follows the whole process and carries out R & D studies to increase these quality standards.