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Serving in the field of Design and Decoration since 2008 we have started to give we aimed to renew ourselves. In this direction, our works We have directed to serve in the field of contracting. Modernization in Tarsus our vision of urbanization and quality living spaces We continue our services.


TURANLAR PET.URÜN.İNŞ. NAK. For the purpose of protecting the climate and natural resources, the company provides solutions to waste producers, local administrations, institutions and organizations for the management of waste oils and contaminated wastes with an efficient and environmentalist approach.

As the Company’s Board of Turkey’s EU harmonization which must be implemented through the work of our primary areas of interest Waste Management Systems on our specialized team; CONTAMINATED WASTE, OILS, FILTER AND FUEL TANK is maintenance.

Using the latest technologies in waste transportation and waste recycling in Turkey, environmental and industrial as well as that of our friendly customer satisfaction and sustainability is a leading enterprise which aims at the highest level.

In our company, all works are always at the forefront of human health, technical safety and environmental aspects and are carried out with sustainable solutions in line with this principle.