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Sludge from the outside will be collected at the sludge collection site (200 m2 of reinforced concrete pool). It is transported to the sludge dryer by means of a spiral or band. The sludge entering the sludge dryer is subjected to heat treatment. The steam and moisture resulting from the sludge heat treatment are withdrawn from the machine by the fan and condensed in the heat exchanger and sent to the treatment plant. It is converted into dry mud (ATY). The resulting ATY will be sent to licensed cement plants. Drying system is planned to provide 90% dryness.


Capacity Amount: 1041 kg / h

Amount of waste to be dried: 25 tons / day

Daily Working Hours: 24 hours

Regime Period 40-70minutes

Fuel Type: Natural gas – hot air


Our capacity forecast for the requested service is 3750 kg / hour. Depending on the properties of the waste sludge, for 1 ton of treatment sludge from the decanter

Input Humidity 75-80% Output Humidity 10-15%