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Safety at Work

We consider Occupational Health and Safety as an integral part of our activities beyond legal requirements. From this point of view, we always call the occupational safety with our training planning starting from the entrance gate of our factory site,

Our personnel working in the field are trained for 25 hours a year and all the work safety equipment they use are of world class and quality.

All of our plants are automatically monitored with thermal sensor cameras and they are immediately intervened by an automatic fire extinguishing system connected to the thermal imager with all the possible heat increase.

In all of our processes, our systems which filter the ambient air and the ventilation system taken out from the external environment and then given to the environment as a positive air are used,

In all the processes of our company, our first priority is occupational safety and all the requirements regarding the prevention of occupational risks are met.

Non-compliance with the safety measures of our personnel is monitored by C-class business security specialists who are working in the field continuously and events are recorded and corrective preventive actions are initiated and finalized to eliminate nonconformities.

Our emergency teams are trained by relevant institutions and we have tube equipments which can be abolished in case of emergency.