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What is Recycling ?


What is Recycling ?

The recycling of waste that can be evaluated by the human being is converted into a secondary raw material through various physical or chemical processes and it is called recycling. As a second definition, we can explain the term İkinci recycling dış as a raw material for the recycling process.


What are the Benefits of Recycling?

When we can add the substances we consume into the recycling ring, we ensure that they are used again as raw materials. Thus, increasing consumption in parallel with the increase in human population disrupts the natural equilibrium is prevented by giving back to the nature what we receive from nature. However, the use of recyclable materials as raw material again enables a large amount of energy savings. To give an example, the use of recyclable aluminum saves up to 35% energy compared to aluminum.

When we use the objects in the trash as raw material, we can prevent the environmental pollution from increasing day by day. When we use scrap paper in paper production, we reduce air pollution by 74-94%, water pollution by 35% and water usage by 45%. Due to our environment-to-nature, to the country’s economy and our responsibility to ourselves, we must all be involved in the transformation project.